Sebastian Frank will once again take part in the eat!Berlin festival next year. On 27th February 2019, he will be cooking with Ana Ros, the “best female chef of 2017”. The next day (28.2) he will be in the kitchen at einsunternull with Andreas Rieger, who was once sous-chef at Horváth.

The friends will re-interpret each other’s dishes. For those who know both chefs, this will be the perfect occasion to discover how the same dish can acquire new nuances through a different preparation.


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Sebastian Frank in Vienna


As part of “eat!Berlin Gastspiel Wien”, Sebastian Frank is visiting the Austrian capital with Bernhard Moser, the man behind eat!Berlin. Marco Müller, Hendrik Otto, Silvio Nickol, Richard Rauch, Eveline Wild and Jaqueline Pfeiffer will also be there. Barbara van Meile will host the event. Among the invited guests are Christian Andresen (President of DEHOGA and director of The Mandala), Burkhard Kieker (visitBerlin) und Norbert Kettner (Tourismusverband Wien).


2nd pre-final session for “Chef of 2018”


Sebastian Frank is on the jury for the “Chef of 2018” contest. The 2nd pre-final session is taking place on 19th November at Halle02 in Heidelberg. Aimed at professional chefs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this is one of the most popular contests in the industry.


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