Sebastian Frank cooks a meal inspired by “The Biggest Little Farm”

14th February 2019


Farmer and filmmaker John Chester’s “The Biggest Little Farm” screened as part of the Berlinale’s Culinary Cinema program on 14th February. It talks of how Chester and his team transformed 80 hectares of arid land in California into fertile territory, recreating the balance between nature and culture. To celebrate the premiere, Sebastian Frank concocted a meal based on local and seasonal produce at the “Gropius Mirror” restaurant. The chefs Angela Hartnett, Haya Molcho, Kiko Moya and The Duc Ngo created meals on subsequent evenings.



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G6 - Maria Taferl Summit” at Hotel Schachner

8th and 9th April 2019


On 8th and 9th April, Sebastian Frank will cook a six-course meal at the Hotel Schachner in Maria Taferl in der Wachau as part of the “G6 Summit”, alongside the in-house chef Wolfgang Bauer and four other top chefs, including Thomas Scheiblhofer from Tian in Vienna.



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